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Receivables Management

BCM provides outsourced receivables management services, accounts receivables and collections for clients in early stages of delinquency. We manage your accounts receivables and debt collection by acting as a part of your business and using your own systems and processes. Acting on your behalf and in line with your procedures, our dedicated staff will follow up late payments and collect payments from your customers.

We work with our clients to develop a system and process for handling accounts that meets their requirements:

  • Collections processes including letters, demands and call flows/scripting
  • Training on company products
  • Supervision and compliance processes
  • Focus on protecting the client's brand

By outsourcing your delinquent account follow up, you will:

  • Immediately improve cash flow
  • Enhance customer service
  • Improve profitability for your business
  • Reduce business costs

Outsourcing your receivables to BCM is easy. Our dedicated IT team will work with you to integrate IT and VOIP systems, providing a seamless experience for you and your customers. Blitz Credit manages the staff, KPIs, compliance and reporting in conjunction with your requirements. You have direct access to our staff to review processes and monitor compliance.

Every client’s receivables management requirements are different. Please contact us to discuss your needs.