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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a debt collector actually do?
BCM will act on your behalf to collect your outstanding debts. We handle the entire process including locating your debtors, making contact with your debtors (by mail, phone or in person), negotiating and collecting payment, enforcing any arrangements and handling litigation if necessary. We act within the scope of your instructions and have the experience to effectively negotiate payments of your accounts.
Why use a debt collector?
Using a debt collector saves you time, improves your cash flow and allow you to focus on the core functions of your business. BCM has the expertise, time and resources needed to be able to carry out the job effectively. Appointing a debt collection specialist is sometimes all that is required to prompt your bad debtors to pay.
How much does it cost?
We charge on a no collect, no fee basis. Our pricing is a commission based on the money we recover for you. There are no debt lodgment fees, sign up fees or withdrawal fees. We also offer an annual membership for free 7-day demand letters.
Can I charge my debtor the collection costs?
You may be able to charge the debtor the debt collection costs if it is specified in your terms and conditions or credit application. We offer a free review of your terms and conditions to advise you if you are able to recover these costs.
How do I get started?
Getting started is simple. Fill in our online form or call your nearest office. We will forward you an authority to act form which can be returned to us by email, fax or mail. Demand letters can be sent the same day as we receive your authority and debt details.
What information do I need provide you to collect a debt?
When you sign up to BCM we ask for a copy of your standard contract or invoice. When you load a debt we ask for the debtor’s contact details and information about the debt owed. If the debtor asks for further details such as proof of debt you are obliged to supply these to the debtor.
How do I lodge my debt with you?
Debts can loaded by form (mail, fax, email), spreadsheet or through our online debt management system. For larger clients, we have options for bulk debt load from spreadsheets or even integration directly with your accounts or point of sale software.
What if the debtor pays us direct after referral to BCM?
It’s important that you notify us as soon as payment is received from your customer to avoid embarrassment or miscommunication with the debtor. You will be charged commission as per your customer service agreement. If you are using our membership based option you will not be charged any commission for payments made from the 7 day demand letter.
What are your payment options for our debtors?
We offer a variety of payment options, including BPAY, scheduled direct debits, money orders, cheques and direct deposit/EFT. We offer as many different options as possible to encourage your debtors to pay. We collect payments directly into our trust account and remit the payments to you each month together with a detailed summary of payments received. Click here to see our different payment options.
How can I get a copy of my credit file?
Please visit to obtain a copy of your credit file.